The Century 21 is a great rig, as long as you're not an out of the box QSO person.

Not all bad, but not a give-me either. That is the very reason it appeals to me.

Consider an ICOM IC-718 $550 gets it to your door, you put up a small antenna, and bam, you're on the air SSB, AM, CW, RTTY at 100 Watts +/- FB. Not a bad rig I have one. Well, the Ten Tec Century-21 you buy from e-bay or some other source used. You get it on the air, maybe after rebuilding the VFO a common type of fix. Once it is done, you have a nice rig that won't fish them out for you. In other words, when you make a QSO it means you are not an appliance operator - you did accomplish something in radio.

Cons are: its not a single signal radio, it's direct conversion receiver makes double qrm\n..., it is 70 watts input -that means your antenna has to be close to perfect to get your 35 watts out. It's not a contest rig!

The Pros are It has a two position filter 1KHZ and .5KHZ that help determine if you are on the right sideband. It has a sensitive receiver and it has been stable for me. It takes less power to operate and will operate from 12 volts DC for portable. On house current it has a built in circuit breaker to keep from smoking the finals from overdriving or bad antenna connections / feedline. It's solid state. I get good signal reports from a radio that is 38 years old. (a good signal report is not always 599 but has a nine on the end and you can hear the other two digits of the report....a crisp tone or note is what the other op hears)

Here is the biggest pro for me, it's all CW and when you make that contact and you have overcome all the cons of the rig, you won!