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Do you want to get your ham license or upgrade? Use this program to practice the test. (+/- 8MB).

Download test program - with new deletions due to rule changes

More details about this program

Download simple morse program - this is light and will work on old pc's - new PC's may have bad audio with this program

Trying to learn the morse code? This will help!! Look for koch cw morse trainer.

Study for your ham radio license without a download.

Take Technician sample test

Take 2nd Technician sample test

Check out this Electronics Course! from Dave Berry

Take an electronics design course from MIT - or from the OCW home page, any other course you can think of!

Like Morse Code? Consider being in the FISTS Club - even though no longer required as a test for any license...

Above is a >Ten-Tec Century /21.

Notice the table is actualy a dry erase board nice for jotting down QSO's

Left is my HP 166 Old Time Server, now logs my contacts, and my newest HF rig an Icom 718.